Artists Profile

Diane grew up in the countryside on a family farm in Nottinghamshire in the 1960’s. The name Studio59 came about quite simply as 1959 was the year she was born! She spent an idyllic childhood roaming the countryside on both bicycle and horseback, and a love of landscape and nature developed.


She first went to pottery night classes just as a form of relaxation from a career in business, but she quickly became enthralled. This led to residential courses with experienced ceramic artists across the UK. Paul, her enthusiastic husband encouraged her to progress and develop her work and they built a log cabin at their North Norfolk home for her to use as a studio.

That was some years ago and she is now retired from the “day job”. Playing with clay is now a daily activity!

She enjoys sketching out ideas in the first instance. Sometimes, this may be merely a shape, or a group of colours or textural theme. She then uses the clay to bring her idea to life, allowing the piece to evolve in the making. She never struggles for new ideas. Inspiration is all around….the colours and textures of the patchwork landscape of agricultural land, and the brighter hues of the coastline filter into her work. Each piece is individual and this is why she refrains from accepting requests for commissions.

Working in stoneware clay, Diane slabs and coils her pieces, and she explains that the clay becomes a canvass upon which texture, slips and oxides are applied. Stoneware gives good frost resistance for use outdoors.

Garden lovers looking for an individual handmade ceramic planter will find the right item for a beautiful focal point within her portfolio of work.

Prices range from £20 to £300.

Diane’s work is available from the events, as listed, and also by appointment at her studio in North Norfolk.